How to Buy the Best Probiotics for You

How to Buy the Best Probiotics for You

For bodybuilders and athletes that constantly experience a host of immune and digestive problems, as well as oxidative stress from all that intense training, a good supplement is important if they are to maintain good health every time. A good supplement also prevents them from experiencing too much muscle breakdowns and tissue damage and ensures they get all the essential protein they need to build and grow muscles.

Among the important types of supplements they need are probiotics. Probiotics, first off, are defined as live microorganisms that when administered in adequate amounts offers a lot of health benefits to the host. These days, the business of good bacteria is booming because of the many health benefits it offers which is evident in the many products available in the market today that have the word “probiotics” on the label, like yogurts and granola bars.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that occur in the digestive tract and certain types have been directly linked to all sorts of benefits, from helping relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome to boosting the digestive and immune system. They are also known to improve cholesterol levels, cardiovascular health and fight cancer symptoms.

It is no wonder therefore, why bodybuilders want to include probiotic supplements in their routine. There is nothing else that helps them absorb nutrients better, battle oxidative stress and repair muscle damages. As such, they also need to be able to choose the best probiotic supplements that will help them achieve their fitness goals.

To start, you will need to check the labels. Look for the full probiotic name, which includes the genus, species and then the strain. Products like myofusion probiotics for example, feature bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086 which is a strong strain that improves immune and digestive system health. You will also need to check the website of the company that sells the product to get more information about what strain was used and how much probiotic servings the product contains.

Some people will also base their purchases on the CFUs. While a high billion count is important, it is not the be-all and end-all because what you should be looking for are products that contain strains that are manufactured to have a stable shelf life, can survive manufacturing and stomach acids to deliver beneficial bacteria to your digestive system. However, most bodybuilders will look for around 3-4 billion per supplement as it is the acceptable amount of intake.

You also need to avoid products that have a time guarantee because no company can claim to have control over things like the number of billions of bacteria because these tend to change after the product is manufactured. In the same light, look for products that have multiple strains as the more strains they have the more effective a probiotic supplement will be. Do additional research to learn which probiotic types go well together as too many strains may make the product equally ineffective if the wrong types are mixed.

And lastly, make sure you consult with a qualified sports physician because people who are acutely ill or with a compromised immune system, people with a potential for leaky bowels or acute pancreatitis should not take probiotics.